About Me:


I think that I was born with a pencil in my hand! I recall many hours as a child drawing and rather bizarrely, tracing lettering, so I suppose Graphic Design was already in my blood.

Throughout school I was a keen painter, painting with acrylics, some rather surreal images, like a sheep skull wearing headphones in a spacey-moonscape!

My first job after graduating was as a visualiser and I was always in awe of the illustrations that could be created, with speed, using magic markers. This was the days before Apple Macs in design studios, and once they started to appear, that was the way I wanted to go! Move forward almost 30 years as a graphic designer and I thought I’d have a go at the processes that I’d forgotten and hankered to try again; namely screen printing and linocut. I found a course, not to far from where I live, at the Curwen Print Study Centre, thoroughly enjoyed myself, meeting with like-minded people and we formed as a group 'Inkpot Printmakers', keep an eye out, we have occasional exhibitions and they will of course be posted on this website - we’d love to meet you! 

I love the opportunity to be creative with traditional techniques, incorporating my love of graphic design. This is also carried forward in my Graphic Posters, many which feature places that I love, motorcycling roads through stunning scenery or fabulous sky resorts, created using Adobe Illustrator and reference from my own photography, another of my passions… oh, I could go on. Anyway, for years, friends and family have said to me that I should sell my prints and images. I thought I’d give it a go, and was hugely surprised when people started to buy them. So, it’s a big thank you to those who pushed me and even more to those who like and purchase my work, it means a lot to me that someone wants to buy a picture from little old me.

If you have any queries about my work, I’d love to hear from you. I cannot put every option for size and finish on my website, so if there is something in particular you’d like, drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do. I also take on commissions, so if you have an idea for something, please get in touch.