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Welcome to my website of original artwork! What began life as a fine art site, selling hand-pulled art prints illustrations and photographs has developed over the last couple of years to incorporate graphics for motorcycles and luggage. I can offer off-the-shelf designs as well as a custom design service and they're shipping worldwide! Motorcycles are getting arty!

I am pleased to showcase my 'Latest Product' releases below. Please click on the image to see more information and any variations. I'll update this section as I have new designs, so please keep coming back! Please remember, I am always happy to create custom designs. If you can't see exactly what you'd like or would like a different variation, don't hesitate to get in touch! Thanks for looking.

Latest Products

A Guide to Fitting

  • Just Take Your Time!

    Most of my customers do fit their decal sets themselves. Rule 1: Ensure that the boxes are thoroughly degreased, since this video was made I have changed to using 'Isopropyl Alcohol 99.9% for Cleaning', available from many outlets, including Amazon. Rule 2: Work slowly and systematically. Check before you stick! I have wrapped many boxes and have never completed a single box in less than 2 hours. Rule 3: Gentle heat can help, heat gun or hairdrier. Don't over heat and avoid stretching the vinyl. A completed set of luggage looks great, personalises your bike, protects and gives an amazing feeling of achievent! Whilst removal of the locks is not necessary, it does give for a much better, professional finish.
    Good luck and I look forward to seeing your finished projects!

    Click on the link below for a printable 'Fitting Instructions' page.

    Fitting Instructions Page