Etching with Chine-Collé – Starry Night

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Soft ground etching with chine-collé. A moonlit landscape created from the soft impression of leaves, seed pod and a feather. Printed using the intaglio technique and added chine-collé.

Intaglio – Ink is applied to the surface by wiping and/or dabbing the plate to push the ink into the recessed lines, or grooves. The plate is then rubbed/polished to remove most of the excess ink.

Chine-Collé – The plate is inked, the thin paper (dampened) is placed on the inked plate and trimmed to size, paste is applied to the thin paper, and the ensemble (plate plus thin paper with paste) is placed on a dampened backing sheet. This is then run through a printing press.)

Image size: 120mm x 150mm

Variable edition of prints. Each print shown is unique.